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northern territory

Sonja Martinsson Uppman
president of
lumières nordiques

Tiina Itkonen

Qeqertarsuaq, 2019

Here we are again gathered around the second edition of Northern Lights! After two years marked by insecurity and frustration, with cultural events canceled or postponed due to the pandemic, photography is returning to Normandy, which has already been won over to the cause of Nordic creation.


The first edition took place in 2018 in the most prestigious museums and art centers in Normandy; as for Paris, the memories of our generous event have amplified the desire to return to this region.


This time, a new selection of photographic artists from the five northern countries, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, but also from Estonia, are enthusiastic and impatient at the idea of meeting the public. French and to show him mostly recent works.


Neither the institutions nor their visitors have had an easy time: restrictions, altered working conditions have severely strained their patience. So that today we can speak of a more pronounced need to socialize, to visit exhibitions, to go to the theater, to attend concerts. Our Nordic proposal hopes to take advantage ...


The artists for their part - and in particular our photographers - have also been hampered in their professional momentum, have experienced the impossibility of manifesting themselves or exhibiting themselves under the usual conditions. However, some were able and knew how to take advantage of this situation to perfect their art and concentrate more on their creation, without interruption or disturbance from outside. One can therefore wonder if this will be reflected in their works.


The health crisis has even intervened as a test in Nordic cooperation, which is nevertheless so historically solid... We hope with all our heart that this parenthesis is behind us and that we can fully rejoice in this fine example of artistic exchange embodied by Northern Lights.


Nature was a vector of contemplation and inspiration during this period when human relations were limited; Nordic artists have always drawn on its resources. This is visible in painting and sculpture of all eras, as in photography today. Hopefully, a broader knowledge and a newly sharpened awareness of Nature will awaken our senses as well as reasons to rely on stronger values; and that Art will help us preserve the beauty of the world. Long live the Northern Lights!

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