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Nordic Lights 1

Photographies : Elina Brotherus - Timo Kelaranta - Jyrki Parantainen - Jorma Puranen -_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Pentti Sammallahti

Texts: Gabriel Bauret - Anne Kelly - Susanna Pettersson

Format: 20 x 25 cm - 96 pages

Price: 19 euro

ISBN: 978-2-900314-01-2 


The photographs in this book – the first in the Northern Lights collection – are all variations on the theme of landscape. These Finnish artists look at their territory with spirit and sensitivity, appropriate it to transform it, forget it or reinvent it. Their images take us on a journey through white, icy, sometimes almost abstract spaces, intensely black or enlivened with subtle colors; they echo the time of explorations. And in this setting, where men and animals sometimes meet, architecture also invites itself.

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